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bakery oven,spiral mixer
Pritul Bakery Machines is leadind manufacturer and supplier of quality bakery machines, Bakery equipments & Bakery ovens
planetary mixer cookies drop machines spiral mixer rotary rack oven
Our Bakery Machines
Rotary Rack Oven (Bakery Oven) Rotary Rack Oven (Bakery Oven)
  Fixed Trolley Bakery Oven Fixed Trolley Bakery Oven
  single Trolley Bakery Oven Single Trolley Bakery Oven
  Double Trolley Bakery Oven Double Trolley Bakery Oven
  Multi Trolley Bakery Oven Multi Trolley Bakery Oven
Bakery Proofer Bakery Proofer
  Double Trolley Proofer Double Trolley Proofer
  Single Trolley Proofer Single Trolley Proofer
  Multi Trolley Proofer Multi Trolley Proofer
Spiral Mixer Spiral Mixer
Deck Oven Deck Oven
Planetary Mixer Planetary Mixer
cookies drop machines Cookies drop machines
Dough Shifter Dough Shifter
Dough Divider Dough Divider
rusk making machines Rusk making machines
Biscuit making machines Biscuit making machines
Bread making machines Bread making machines
Dryer Dryer
Rack Oven Rack Oven
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O-1, U.P.S.I.D.C. Industrial Area Begrajpur, Muzaffarnagar-251 203 (U.P.) India.
(N.H. 58, On Delhi-Dehradun National Highway)
Tool Free : 1800 270 1900
Fax: 01396-252340

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About the Pritul Bakery Machines

Pritul Bakery Machines is a progressing enterprise, committed towards manufacturing and supplying quality bakery machines, Bakery equipments, Bakery ovens and accessories to the baking industry since 1986. We are based at Muzaffarnagar, (U.P.) and in the manufacturing trade for the past 23 years. Pritul's bakery equipments have been the ideal choice for bakers and manufacturers of Bread, Rusk (Toast), and all other bakery products across the country.
A great gift for hygienic and uniform baking of all type of Bakery Products like Rusk (Toast) Cookies, Khari, Biscuit, Puff, Patties, Pal, Bun, Burger, Fen, Jira, Bread, Cake, Pastries, Pizza Bases, Cream Rolls, Kulche etc. and also to roast Cashew, Almond, Peanuts, Pesta, Nuts and other Dry Fruits.


manufacturing unit of pritul bakery machines
Our Range of Bakery Machines, Bakery Equipments and Bakery Ovens
Rotary Rack Oven (Bakery Oven) Rotary Rack Oven (Bakery Oven)

Barker prefers Pritul Bakery Machines due to its unsurpassed even flow of heat, which results in perfectly baked products every time. Pritul's newly designed compact and comet Rack Ovens showcase exceptionally large Baking area with minimum space requirement and also fitted with a steam system which provides high volume and excellent baking for all products, results the best volume, shine, texture and crust in the market.

Fixed Trolley Bakery Oven, Single Trolley Bakery Oven, Double Trolley Bakery Oven, Multi Trolley Bakery Oven

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rotary rack oven,bakery oven
Rotary Rack Oven
Proofer ( Bakery fermentation room Bakery Proofer ( Bakery fermentation room )

Pritul's industrial, fully stainless steel proofer is used to ferment dough, after mixing and before baking the products. It adds more shine, denseness and softness to the finished products.
A high capacity proofer has also been specially developed to guarantee an even flow of steam throughout the proofing chamber. The steam generator is adjacent to the heating unit and is heated by the hot air before it enters the proofing chamber.

Double Trolley Proofer, Single Trolley Proofer, Multi Trolley Proofer.

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Spiral mixer Spiral Mixer

As the name suggests (Spiral Mixer), it gives more movement volume to mixed product or dough. Pritul's Industrial spiral mixer is used to mix material like wheat, sugar, allocation etc. It has 6 speeds of rotation for spring & bowl. All the 6 speeds are fully flexible. We could control the rpm, direction of rotation and time for each speed. We could minimize the first speed, so that not a single particle of wheat flour flies in the air. When water absorbers by the wheat floor, second higher speed starts and speed of the machine will keep on increasing till the last 6th speed.

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spiral mixer,bakery mixer
Spiral Mixer
Planetary Mixer Planetary Mixer

Pritul’s planetary mixer can be used for cookies as well as cakes. It is built in strong body to ensure low vibrations and smooth functioning. It is fitted with scraper and mixer doesn’t need manual intermittent hand mixing. Motorized up down movement of bowl by imported gear motor for easy operation. The bowl descends and sits on the floor. The bowl then can be taken to the dropping machine


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planetary mixer,bakery mixer
Planetary Mixer
Deck oven Deck Oven



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Deck Oven
Cookies drop machines Cookies drop machines

Pritul's Cookies drop machineshas been designed to give you perfect and long lasting performance and are very convenient due to easy functioning, trouble free operations and long life attributes. 

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cookies droop machines.buscuit making machines
drop machines
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